Employee Misconduct

Theft and Product Diversion

Business Intelligence and Due Diligence

Brand and Product Territory Disputes

Employee Terminations & Threat Management

Non-Compete Violations

Risk Special Investigations provides surveillance and investigation services to corporations and businesses for a variety of reasons. Employee misconduct and asset losses cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Proactive action to investigate suspicious activity and employee problems will save money and protect the company.  Due diligence and business intelligence efforts can protect a company from internal and external harm. Knowing who you do business with and what the competition is doing can make all difference between success and failure.

Employee Misconduct

There are many types of employee misconduct that occur in the workplace, and companies are often faced with challenges they require assistance with in order to determine the facts of a situation.

  • Fraud schemes

  • Theft

  • Harassment

  • Workplace Violence

  • Time Loss Issues

  • Abuse of Company Time by Sales, Field, and Remote Staff

  • Worker's Compensation Claims Fraud

Business Intelligence

Theft and Product Diversion

Whether occurring internally from theft of company inventory or diversion of products during transportation and shipping, asset losses cost business tens of millions each year.  Product diversion is one of the biggest areas of loss for businesses. We have conducted surveillance on trucks, warehouses, and construction sites to catch these criminals in the act. If you have a problem with inventory loss or product diversion then it is time to aggressively investigate.

Business Intelligence & Due Diligence

We conduct background investigations providing businesses the information they need to make informed and intelligent decisions. We provide valuable tools for protecting the future and stability of a business, and help limit future problems during the hiring process.

  • Vendor Background Checks

  • Competitor Intelligence  

  • Background Screening of Employees

  • Executive Due Dilligence

Employee Terminations & Threat Management

Sometimes a company needs to terminate a difficult and hostile employee. This employee may have made threats against fellow workers, management, or the premises. We can assist in the termination process by providing special onsite security and surveillance of the terminated employee's activities.  This may also entail escorting management personnel home and providing family security for a short time. We coordinate with local law enforcement when monitoring the subject in the days after termination so they are aware of a potential problem and can respond quickly if needed. This is not typically a long term security situation, and most cases conclude after one or two weeks.   

Non-Compete Violations

Employees with non-compete agreements may seek ways to secretly circumvent the agreement or just ignore it. They may start their own competitive business, or work for a competitor bringing potential harm to the original employer by stealing clients and proprietary information in violation of the agreement. We conduct surveillance on the former employee by gathering information on their activities, and perform  investigative research into business and public records to determine if a violation is occuring.