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Comprehensive investigative support for attorneys handling civil litigation, criminal defense, estates, employment, and family law. Risk Special Investigations will be an integral part of your team through background research, investigations, surveillance, locates, interviews, statements, discovery review, case intakes and more.

Legal Investigation, Trial Preparation and Litigation Support

We have extensive experience conducting research utilizing public records, Freedom of Information, government databases, and internet sources. We also maintain access to several proprietary databases containing billions of records on individuals and businesses. We will track down witnesses, conduct interviews, verify alibis, and obtain written or recorded statements. RSI will be an integral part of your legal team, and we make ourselves available to clients day or night. Our assistance is sometimes needed on short notice, and clients rely on our flexibility and availability when needed most.  

Trial preparation


Surveillance investigations test creative thought and investigative skill at their highest levels. Working alone and in remote field locations, surveillance investigators are required to make immediate decisions based on subject activity and field conditions. Our experienced investigators excel in this environment while following our client's instructions and securing professional video.

Criminal Defense

We work closely with our criminal defense attorneys by assisting and providing litigation support for county, state, and federal criminal cases. We have assisted our clients with all types of criminal cases from high profile murder to minor drug charges and petty theft. We will assist in all aspects of the case, from discovery review and analysis to locating and interviewing witnesses.  At Risk Special Investigations we will conduct a thorough investigation, and we always follow the specific instructions of our client.  We will become a part of your legal team, and if the case goes to trial we will be there until resolution.

Family Law

We can assist with investigations for matrimonial related issues and child custody cases. Background research and surveillance may be necessary to find the information and answers necessary to satisfactorily resolve these situations. 

Interviews and Statements

Recorded or written statements are an important part of the investigation process. We will conduct a thorough interview and obtain the preferred statement format whether written or recorded.

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Locates & Skip Trace

Need to locate someone? Verify their physical location or information? Our skip trace service provides the most accurate and current information available, and reports are customizable to your needs. We have a broad variety of data sources that are constantly updated providing you with the best information available. Of course, databases are not the solution and old school field investigation is necessary to locate an individual. 

Background Research

Investigative research takes experience and thoroughness to confidently conclude a case. Court records are recorded, stored and released in many different ways across this nation. The manner of researching public records varies greatly from state to state and even county to county.  Knowing how the systems work and asking the right questions are essential to successful records research.