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Background Research

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Freedom of Information Requests

We have experience using Freedom of Information Letters to request vital information for our legal and insurance clients.  This is often an overlooked or neglected resource tool that is a great asset for the experienced investigator.  For example, in criminal cases we will request reports on any documented law enforcement contact with a subject at a particular address.  Searches likes this can yield valuable information in a criminal case.

Background Research


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Today, investigators rely heavily on computer databases as their primary information source. Commercial and governmental databases are effective and important tools, but any database is only as reliable as its last update and quality of data. What information is included, when it is included, and how it is included affects the quality and completeness of the database. Local and statewide criminal records and other public documents vary greatly from state to state. At Risk Special Investigations, we understand the complexities of these investigations and create detailed reports that are as complete and thorough as possible. We work hard to provide each client the information needed to make appropriate decisions.

Background Searches

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Criminal Records
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      - Federal Criminal
      - Statewide
      - Commercial Databases

New York OCA


Property Records

Property Assesments

Uniform Commercial Code



Tax Liens

Driver History Reports

Vehicle Information

Cell Number Trace

Business Searches

Address History

Sex Offender Search

Civil Court Records

Medical Sanctions

Newspaper Searches

Employment Search

Eviction Records

Physician Profile

FAA Aircraft Owners

Watercraft Owners

Internet Deep Web Search

Homeland Security-OFAC

Corporation Records

Fictitious Names (DBA)

International Records

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